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Originally designed to meet the demands of New York City buildings and manufacturing operations in New Jersey, On Site Manufacturing's Compact 20 ton Industrial Air Handlers and 150 kW Electric Heaters deliver cost-effective solutions when space is a premium.

As a custom manufacturer, On Site Manufacturing supplies Equipment Rental Companies with HVAC equipment that provides

Temporary Cooling and Heating to:

  • Railroad Stations
  • Nuclear Facilities
  • Production Facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Special-Event Party Tents

The 150 kW heaters have also been used to eradicate insects in food processing plants and grain storage facilities.

Our HVAC equipment provides Plant or Project Engineers up to 512,000 BTU's of heat or 20 tons of cooling when a back-up or temporary climate control solution is needed.

The Compact 20 ton AHU is unique in its versatility - in addition to cooling when connected to a chiller, it can also provide up to 600,000 BTU's of heat when connected to a hot water system or 384,000 BTU's of heat when connected to a boiler.

Our 150 kW electric heater is designed to fit through a standard doorway and produces up to 512,000 BTU's of heat, making it quite versatile when space is an issue.

All On Site Manufacturing equipment fits freely through a standard doorway and is easily maneuvered on casters.